Larry Fisher – ISC Executive Director

Larry Fisher, the ISC Executive Director, brings a wealth of experience and a bold vision for the future of Men’s Fastpitch to the upcoming Surrey 2024 ISC World Tournament. With a focus on promoting the International Softball Congress and showcasing the best of the sport, Fisher shares his insights on what this event means for Men’s Fastpitch.

For Fisher, the 2024 ISC Men’s Fastpitch World Tournament in Surrey represents more than just a competition; it’s an opportunity to promote the International Softball Congress in a region where it hasn’t been since 1997. He sees it as a chance to reconnect with fans and players in the area, reigniting their passion for the sport.

To those unfamiliar with the ISC World Tournament, Fisher explains it simply as an opportunity for fastpitch fans to witness some of the very best men’s teams and international players in a highly competitive environment. It’s a showcase of skill, athleticism, and determination in an elimination tournament format.

Fisher envisions the tournament as a catalyst for the growth of Men’s Fastpitch in British Columbia and Canada at large. By exposing players to the high level of competition and excitement that Men’s Fastpitch offers, it may inspire some to pursue a career in the game, further enriching the sport’s talent pool.

Softball City’s rich history and reputation as one of the premier facilities in North America, if not the world of fastpitch, are seen by Fisher as essential elements contributing to the success and atmosphere of the tournament. Its top-notch amenities and stunning setting provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing the best of Men’s Fastpitch.

Fisher emphasizes the importance of exposing young players to international play, highlighting the competitive nature of Men’s Fastpitch as a sport they can enjoy for years to come. The ISC World Tournament serves as a platform for demonstrating the excitement and potential of the game on a global scale.

Looking ahead to Surrey 2024, Fisher anticipates great crowds, outstanding competition, and an extremely entertaining and competitive tournament. His optimism and enthusiasm set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable event for players, fans, and the Men’s Fastpitch community.

As Larry Fisher leads the charge towards Surrey 2024 ISC Men’s World Tournament, his vision and dedication to Men’s Fastpitch shine brightly, illuminating the path forward for the sport’s continued growth and success

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