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Heading Back West: An Interview With ISC President Chris Santos

Fastpitch fans from around the globe are eagerly anticipating the Surrey 2024 ISC Men’s Fastpitch World Tournament, set to take place at Softball City from August 10th to 17th. As excitement builds for this prestigious event, we caught up with Chris Santos, ISC President and Team Sponsor, to get his insights and expectations for the tournament.

For Chris Santos, the Surrey 2024 ISC Men’s Fastpitch World Tournament holds immense significance. As ISC President, he sees this as a pivotal opportunity to showcase the essence of men’s fastpitch to the western regions. “We need to show teams and players in the west what this tournament means to men’s fastpitch at the highest club level,” says Santos.

Explaining men’s fastpitch and the ISC World Tournament to the uninitiated can be challenging, admits Santos. However, he emphasizes the tournament’s status as the pinnacle of club-level competition. “Every August, the ISC hosts what is considered the best club tournament played,” explains Santos. He sheds light on the diverse composition of teams, ranging from grassroots local squads to powerhouse lineups boasting national team players.

While Santos acknowledges the difficulty in predicting growth, he remains optimistic about the tournament’s potential to reignite interest in men’s fastpitch, particularly in Western Canada. “Hopefully, this will relight the fire for some team organizers to attend wherever we go to next,” he remarks.

Santos looks forward to experiencing Softball City firsthand, highlighting its reputation as a premier facility. “I have never been to Softball City, so I am looking forward to this opportunity for the ISC and my team the Pueblo Bandits,” says Santos.

According to Santos, exposure to international play, facilitated by tournaments like the ISC World Tournament, is instrumental in the growth of fastpitch athletes worldwide. “The ISC WT has been vital to the growth of the international athlete,” he affirms.

Looking ahead to Surrey 2024, Santos anticipates larger crowds and a successful tournament, both financially and competitively. “My expectation is taking home another memory of a new location and that City’s uniqueness,” he says, underscoring his love for men’s fastpitch and the ISC WT.

As the countdown to Surrey 2024 continues, fans can expect nothing short of thrilling action and unforgettable moments on the diamond, all contributing to the rich tapestry of men’s fastpitch history.

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