Player Profile: Matej Rysavy – Georgian Bay Giants

In the heart of Czechia, in the vibrant city of Prague, Matěj Ryšavý’s love for fastpitch took root. At the young age of 9, influenced by his father and a pair of old gloves, Matěj embarked on a journey that would take him far beyond the historic streets of his birthplace to the global stage of fastpitch softball.

By 2010, Matěj was already a part of Spectrum Prague, where he began to hone the skills that would define his career. It wasn’t just one coach or mentor who left an imprint on him; it was the collective wisdom of many. Each coach contributed a piece to the puzzle of his fastpitch education, instilling in him valuable lessons about the game.

Matěj understands that in fastpitch, the blend of power and speed is crucial, but the game’s IQ is just as vital. To sharpen this aspect of his skillset, he delves into films and games, dissecting plays and strategies, always seeking to elevate his understanding of the intricate dance between pitcher and catcher.

The pinnacle of Matěj’s career thus far was winning the ISC II championship with the Pueblo Bandits in 2023, a year he regards as pivotal for his growth as a player. That victory is not just a trophy on the shelf; it is a memory etched deeply in his heart, a reward for the endless hours of practice and dedication.

As Matěj looks forward to the 2024 Surrey ISC Men’s Tournament, his excitement is palpable. Not only will it be his first time in Canada, a land renowned for its love of the sport, but it will also be his ISC World Tournament debut with the Georgian Bay Giants. His hopes are high for quality games against top teams, and he is eager to show the strength and camaraderie of his new squad.

Fastpitch has given Matěj a wealth of treasures: friendships that span continents, memories that will last a lifetime, and the chance to immerse himself in diverse cultures. It’s a sport that has not only tested his abilities but also enriched his life in ways he could never have imagined.

To the young dreamers looking to carve their path in the world of fastpitch, Matěj offers advice that mirrors his own journey: Work diligently, soak in the wisdom of experienced players, and never lose the hunger to learn and grow. The echoes of cheers, the thrill of the game, and the bonds formed on the diamond are all part of the beautiful narrative of fastpitch softball—a narrative that Matěj Ryšavý continues to write with each catch, each game, each season.

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