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Bryan Abrey

Swinging for Success: Bryan Abrey’s Story of Composure and Triumph in Fastpitch

In the realm of fastpitch, Bryan Abrey’s journey is a tale of passion, precision, and the pursuit of excellence. Hailing from Richmond, BC, Canada, this 36-year-old utility player for the New York Gremlins and Team Canada discovered his love for the game at the age of eight. It was the Richmond Mariners back in 1995 who first witnessed Bryan’s burgeoning talent, a path set forth by his parents’ encouragement.

The most transformative influence in Bryan’s career came from Vahram Mateosian, who offered hitting tips that revolutionized Bryan’s approach at the plate. This pivotal guidance transformed him into the accomplished hitter he is today, a testament to the power of mentorship in sports.

Bryan’s philosophy on the essential skills for a fastpitch player centers around composure. “Never give away at bats,” he advises. By taking each at bat seriously, Bryan believes a player hones their ability to handle high-pressure situations without succumbing to nerves. It’s a skill he practices with unwavering dedication, seeking to replicate game-day tension in every practice swing.

One memory that stands out in Bryan’s storied career is Andy Skelton’s home run that clinched the gold at the 2012 Pan Am Championships in Medellin, Colombia—a moment that epitomizes the glory and collective joy of fastpitch.

Looking ahead to the 2024 Surrey ISC Men’s Tournament, Bryan anticipates a fiercely competitive event that will showcase the men’s game to new west coast fans for the first time since 1997, when the tournament was held in Victoria, BC. His expectations are not just of the athletic challenge but of igniting a spark of interest and excitement among a fresh audience.

Fastpitch has gifted Bryan a competitive outlet, deep-rooted friendships, and the opportunity to travel the world. It’s more than a sport for him; it’s a conduit for life’s great adventures and bonds.

Bryan’s advice to the next generation of fastpitch hopefuls is to maintain emotional equilibrium. “Keep your emotions in check,” he says, emphasizing the importance of not getting too high with the highs or too low with the lows. It’s a philosophy that has served him well, and one he passes on to those looking to carve out their own legacy in the fast-paced, heart-racing world of fastpitch softball.

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