Player Profile: Jack Besgrove – New York Gremlins

Jack Besgrove is currently the #1 pitcher in the fastpitch world. At 20 years old, this Australian athlete is already showing the poise and skill of a seasoned professional. Currently gearing up to represent the Gremlins in the 2024 season, Jack has been immersed in the sport from a very young age, starting at just five years old.

His first team, the Cardinals softball club in his hometown of Orange, New South Wales, was where he learned the ropes of the game in 2008. Jack’s introduction to fastpitch came naturally, with his mother being a player herself; it was almost destiny that he would follow in her footsteps.

When asked about the influential figures in his career, Jack doesn’t hesitate to mention Andrew ‘Cheese’ Kirkpatrick, a left-handed pitcher from Australia. The success and style of Andrew as a pitcher and hitter have left a significant imprint on Jack, shaping his aspirations and approach to the game.

Jack believes that the willingness to learn and listen is crucial for a fastpitch player. He emphasizes that being open to advice and instruction is a significant factor in improving one’s game. This mindset has been pivotal to his growth and success as a player.

His favorite fastpitch memory is a recent triumph: winning the ISC last year. The victory was made all the sweeter by the challenging path to the top, requiring the team to win three games on the final day of the tournament. It’s a day that Jack holds close to his heart, a true highlight of his budding career.

Jack also helped the Australian national team in November 2022 to the world title in a 5-2 victory over Canada. A couple of months later he also brought back the gold medal at the U-23 Men’s World Cup in April 2023, while being named MVP of the tournament.

Looking forward to the 2024 Surrey ISC Men’s Tournament, Jack is excited about the prospect of competing at what he’s heard to be an impressive facility. He anticipates the event will be thrilling and hopes it will attract enthusiastic support.

Fastpitch has been more than just a sport for Jack; it has provided him with the opportunity to travel the globe and forge lasting friendships. The experiences he’s gathered through the sport are invaluable, offering him a world view that extends far beyond the pitcher’s mound.

Jack’s advice to young players is heartfelt and practical: listen carefully and don’t let failure discourage you. In a game where failures are more frequent than successes, it’s essential to keep perspective and learn from each experience.

With his talent, mindset, and determination, Jack Besgrove is not just playing the game; he’s shaping a journey that many young fastpitch enthusiasts will surely aspire to emulate. His story is one of dedication, resilience, and an enduring love for the sport that promises to carry him to new heights in the years to come.

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